About me

Hello and welcome to my blog!

My name is Irini Sifogeorgaki and I am conducting geoarchaeological research within the “Finding resolution for the Middle to Later Stone Age transition in South Africa” project that is based in the Institute of Archaeology, Universiteit Leiden. My work is focusing on determining Site Formation Processes of the Shongweni and Umhlatuzana rock shelters, addressing scientific debates about the South African Stone Age and regional expressions of global climate fluctuations during the Pleistocene. The research will target various types of occupational information, stratigraphic and sedimentological irregularities, examination of minerals to determine diagenetic situation and study of sediment origin within the landscape.

I have a background in geoarchaeology with an MSc degree in Environmental Archaeology (University College London) and a BSc in Geology and Geoenvironment (University of Athens). For my MSc project, I performed a Geoarchaeological Assessment of the Landscape Evolution of Tierra Del Fuego, Patagonia using Micromorphological Analysis. I conducted my BSc thesis entitled Sedimentological Studies and Paleoenvironmental Observations on Sediments of the Marathousa Formation, Megalopolis Basin, Greece. In addition, I have participated in several archaeological fieldworks and have attended various workshops, training courses, and seminars.

My geoarchaeological interests include Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction, Palaeoecology, Palaeoclimate and Site Formation Processes using various techniques like Micromorphology, Sedimentology, and Stratigraphy. I also enjoy traveling, learning foreign languages, crafting and playing board games.