Site Formation Processes Field School

I recently had the chance to attend a field school in Site Formation Processes of the Athenian Agora in Athens, Greece. It was organized by Takis Karkanas and Paul Goldberg through the Americal School of Classical Studies and the Wiener Lab

It was an amazing experience and gave the participants the chance to deepen our knowledge in aspects of geoarchaeology concerning formation processes of an urban archaeological site. Different scales of the site were discussed: the regional scale, the site scale, as well as the microstratigraphic scale.


Looking at the broader picture: Geological section of fluvial deposits and palaeosoils in Boeotia, Greece


The field school combines both field (geomorphology, stratigraphy, sampling strategies) and laboratory (micromorphology, FTIR) training.


Discussing the profiles within the Athenian Agora

In addition to the skillset acquired, the field school was a lot of fun and gave the opportunity to meet people interested in the same research field. It is organized annually (applications due ~April) and I would highly recommend it!